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IRS Audit & Appeals

Receiving an Audit Notice can make your stomach drop. That’s
because they can result in more taxes owed, are invasive (imagine
an IRS Agent sitting in your place of business for weeks), and time

If you or your business are selected by the IRS for an audit,
you may need tax resolution representation depending on the answers to the following:

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  • What is the type of Audit? Mail, In-Office, Field?

  • Has a Revenue Agent been assigned to your case?

  • Have you reviewed the tax return(s) in question and do you understand if there are potential issues?

  • Do previous and subsequent tax returns present potential issues, because there is a strong chance that these years will be audited as well?

Onyx Tax would love to speak with you about all of these factors before advising you on tax resolution representation. We don’t take on clients unless they feel comfortable that we can provide strong support.

If hired, the meetings will be at our office and we’ll take over all communication with the IRS so you can keep on with your regular life.

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