IRS and State Tax Resolution

IRS & State
Tax Resolution

Depending on a taxpayer’s circumstances, Onyx Tax has the following options  for tax resolution:

  • Installment Agreements — A monthly payment plan with the IRS or state to pay back the balance due over time.

  • Offers In Compromise — An agreement with the IRS to settle the total debt for less than what is owed.

  • Business Payroll Taxes and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

  • Currently Not Collectable: This is an option if you are facing a financial hardship (i.e. loss of job or expenses in excess of income) where it’s possible to place your account placed in currently not collectable status. The IRS is prevented from levy action for accounts in CNC status. While in CNC status, the collection statute of limitations continues to run and can expire.

  • Collection Due Process Appeals — We can request a collection due process hearing to prevent the IRS from levy action while we work out an installment agreement or offer in compromise.

  • Unfiled Tax Returns — Did you fail to file tax returns? We can help. The first step towards resolving your case with the IRS is to become current with tax return filing.

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